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Shenzhen Rui Jun semiconductor Limited by Share Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of power semiconductor. The company is located in the new material port Park of Shenzhen Nanshan Science and technology park. There are more than 70 employees. Among them, more than 30 people are related to R &amp; D and technical support. The company has been established for 8 years. Rapid growth, annual sales breakthrough hundreds of millions of RMB, in the adapter fast charge, mobile fast charging, car charge, motor control, new energy, inverter, lithium electric protection and other applications of the leading position in Shenzhen Ruijun semiconductor research and development of new products, continuous update / optimization new technology, new technology, the existing Trench MOSFET/S GT MOSFET/Super Junction MOSFET three major products line hundreds of models, accumulative national invention patents 18 items, especially the original TO- 220 insulation packaging technology created by Rui Jun, thoroughly solve the terminal customers in the heat and assembly of the technical difficulties.
While increasing the investment in R &amp; D, Shenzhen Rui Jun semiconductor continuously optimizes the sales network and expands the sales channels, changes the company's direct selling terminal customers to seek the cooperation with the agent, exerts the technical advantage of the original factory and the agent channel advantage, quickly launches new products and quickly occupies the market. Shenzhen Rui Chun semiconductor: forge ahead, steer horse, China's leading power device brand.

? Corporate Responsibility
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